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An app that makes it easy for solo women travelers to connect with background checked hosts so they have safe places to stay and save money while traveling

Safe Connections for the Solo Woman Traveler

As a woman, traveling on your own can be a very intimidating experience. Both where you're staying and the nightly accommodation costs are at the top of every woman traveler's mind. With unlimited homestay requests for a low monthly or yearly fee, we are not only helping women save money while they travel, but at the same time we're giving them access to safe women in the area to reach out to if anything should happen.

How it Works

When you get started in the HerHouse App, you will fill out a comprehensive profile complete with likes, dislikes, and emergency contacts. On the community tab you can find a host with a similar vibe and submit a homestay request to her. This will include a short personal video introducing yourself. From there you are free to communicate with the host to sort out the details of when you will be in her area.

There's nothing quite like staying with a friend in a new area. To preserve the relationship between the guests and hosts, there is no monetary exchange between the two parties. This is a platform for women to connect, support each other, and have fun!

Save Money on Accommodation

While traveling (especially long term traveling) nightly accommodation costs are the #1 thing that will eat through your budget. You could spend hundreds to thousands every month depending on where you're staying. With a HerHouse membership, what you would spend on one night in an Airbnb or hotel will give you unlimited homestays and safe local connections in the area. This will help stretch your money farther so you can go to the museums, eat the delicious food, and take the surfing lessons.

Global Background Checks

Not just anyone will have access to the community. Our #1 priority is to keep our users safe by ensuring all members are who they say they are. It's easy for someone to create a fake account on a free social media platform. All members must pass a background check to appear on the community map and to contact other users. We also require a video introduction when a user requests a homestay with a host. Phone and video chat is highly encouraged prior to meeting up. All background checks are covered by HerHouse because our #1 priority is to keep women safe on their journeys.

Host other Members and Earn Host Rewards

As a member, you can earn Host Reward Points for welcoming members to stay with you in your home. This can look like offering a guest room, guest house, or even a couch for them to crash for the night. You will be an integral part of their journey by being a safe place for them in potentially a new country. You can share your home city, all the best local spots, and make new friends from all over the world.

Earn Host Reward Points by hosting HerHouse guests, getting great ratings, and referring your traveling girlfriends to the community. Host Rewards will range from swag and gift cards to complementary flights and all expense paid vacations for our very active hosts. (Yes, girl!)

Who's on the App?

Many ladies want to know if hosts are in their desired travel location. We do not publicly post the locations of our members for their safety. Your next step is to download the app with the button below to check it out for yourself! You can see the background checked members in the community tab like the example here, but to request homestays or host other members you will need to become a member with an approved background check. The membership options are on the side menu in the app.

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Together we can make travel easier, safer, and cheaper for women
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-Tess Millhollon Founder and CEO

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Meet the Founder

Tess Millhollon

After spending time solo backpacking Australia, Tess was deeply inspired by her life changing season of solo traveling. She found confidence and healing through that time and she is determined to help more women have life changing adventures of their own.

While overseas, Tess spent a lot of time staying with locals. not only did this save her a LOT of money, but it also gave her authentic experiences while abroad. When seeing the safety challenges in many current accommodation services, she set out to create a whole new platform where women can connect, stay with each other, and have unforgettable experiences together.

Since returning to the United States, Tess has published her solo travel memoir, Sherbet Skies. It quickly became a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon. It is her passion to encourage women of all ages to step out, have adventures, and live life fully alive.